Monthly Archives: April 2015

Keep it simple

Developers like open source when the solution makes their life easier. They turn away if it’s more complex than their daily challenges.

Also the maintainer of an open source community project is in need to avoid complexity.

Because simplicity will lead into a manageable environment:

  • Easy to keep documentation on track
  • Less efforts on providing updates and upgrades
  • Less risk to lose sight of vulnerabilities on code reviews
  • Clear legal fundament with transparent license policies

If we look on FIWARE to today, the eco system needs improvements to attract developers and to provide a maintainable eco system.

Keep is simple will be good guideline go into a reliable future.

But it also takes some painful actions:

  • Remove all parts from FIWARE which are not useful for the core solution (btw. What’s the core solution? Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Rich Media or 3D User Interfaces? State today it sounds like a solution for everything – which is not helpful to attract developers)
  • Reduce Code to a common Open Source License model (instead mixing at least 9 different licenses under one core)
  • Bring the GE’s to common Linux based distribution (force maintainer to adept on a common distribution base)
  • Rebuild the documentation (it will be less documentation than today, more easier to maintain)

It sounds easy, but avoiding complexity on an open source eco system is a never-ending task. State today this is not a question of money. It’s a question of willing ness of courageous actions.