Kay-Uwe Clemens

Kay-Uwe Clemens

Kay-Uwe Clemens | Munich | Germany

Corporate Innovation Manager for Digital Business Models (BSH Home Appliances formerly known as BSH Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances)

Co-Founder Future Internet Ware Association Europe

Advisor for Startups

Pushing digitalization in the real world, creating and leading temporarily Startups and projects for groundbreaking digital services and products, and being part of the development of a new culture for real innovations in a corporate is what Kay has been doing to the past 6 years.

Kay is part of the advisory board for startups and his main task is to be the direct connection to the traditional industry and to support Startups in translating their products and business models for the different industries into successful businesses. Furthermore he creates new product ideas and service concepts for external Startups as well as of course for the internal ones. With his diversified mind set as an Intrapreneure, an Entrepreneur and an innovation manager, Kay brings together the different entrepreneurial points of view and does not miss the big picture

Kay started his career in the late 90s` and was a successful project manager for several mechanical engineering companies. Furthermore, he was responsible for location development for business solution softwares in the South of Germany. His international career began with a leading position of international teams for User Interfaces in the field of telecommunication.


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