Hi there,

    I'm having a problem with access management on fiware-lab as when calling it from Oauth2 I get the error: "We're sorry, but something went wrong. "

    And I'm not sure what is the problem. the config settings I'm using are the following:

    var config=require('config');
    config.idmURL = 'http://account.lab.fiware.org';
    config.client_id = '2456';
    config.client_secret = '345234545325';
    config.callbackURL = '[public_ip]:[port_no]/login';

    Any advice would be much appreciated

    module.exports = config;


  • Hi Basel,

    the people of FIWARE Lab are running a mailing-list where you can adress your problem directly to the LAB Operator. Try to contact them:


    I can put your question on the our SME general developer list. May someone has a hint for you. But post your problem to the fiware-lab-help list.

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