With the FIWARE Accelerator Calls the European Commission has started a 80. Mio. EURO program to encourage Startups and SMEs to build products, services and business upon the FIWARE technology layer.

As a result of this program we expect about 1.000 companies or products build up on FIWARE technology. The faith of this companies and products is strongly connected to a sustainable future development of FIWARE and a ecosystem which will provide the hosting of FIWARE services and FIWARE Clouds on best economic and social conditions.


The FIWARE Association will also look broader then the immediate technical components and set standards for involving end users in use cases through co-creation, build meaningful scenarios that address real world issues such as work and robots, youth unemployment, economic crisis, and political impasses and facilitate labels like http://www.ethicsinside.eu to make it easy for end-users to recognize products and services that are FA certified.

The FIWARE Association will take care of the future direction of the FIWARE ecosystem:

  • It’s our mission to link the new FIWARE Users and SME FIWARE Developers to the core developers of the FIWARE Community.
  • We will support the development of independent FIWARE infrastructure to provide a best choice market, where user and developers can choose the best fitting FIWARE service provider.
  • By Bounty-Programs we are going to support the further development of FIWARE Generic and Special Enablers.
  • We provide an independent platform for the FIWARE community to support the sustainable growth of the FIWARE open source ecosystem.