The future is still much bigger than the past

26 years ago Tim Berners Lee invented the world wide web. A good reason to start this post with one of his quote.

1989 Berners Lee could'nt predict that his work at CERN will lead in one of the biggest impact on society. HTML in that time was not perfect. But it had the potential to inspire people worldwide to create products based upon the initial work of Berners Lee.

The lesson we can learn on FIWARE: You may don't need to provide a perfect product when an idea is born. You need people which share the vision.

But don't get trapped to believe that inspiring people is just a marketing challenge. Early stage HTML was not perfect in the technical implementation but it had already a brilliant simple concept. Easy to understand and with high clarity in the technical approach. This mix attracted developers worldwide and results to success.

Looking on FIWARE today, we can learn from the success story of Berners Lee:

It's essential to bring high clarity into the solution stack.

FIWARE is branded "Future Internet". Let's simplify, in order developers can recognize the brilliance. 

We invite you to discuss the tools needed at IoT Week Lisbon.

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